Monday, April 06, 2009

Today, It Begins

The building of the roster is basically done.

The exhibition season, completed.

Today, the games begin for real.

Today, the quest for redemption starts. The quest to make this tool drink a big tall glass of STFU. And he can share it with a number of others.

Oh, I know, SI said the Mets were gonna win, so the jinx is on. Fuck that.

I know, there are holes on this team. I know, Ollie turns into "LOLLIE" too often (hat-tip to Danny at Metsgeek). I know Sheff is 40.

I also know that there are some you know, great players on this team.

I know, other teams "hate us". LIke I said a few months ago, lift up your skirts, show a little sack. Who cares if other team hate us? They hated the 86 team. So long as we win, THAT my friends is all that matters. Go into town, beat the team, drink all their beer and eat all their food (the last is your job Livan). If they hate, they hate.

Today, a new season begins. Time for us fans to forget last year. Shea is gone, as are some pinata's. A new stadium awaits us next week. Time for the players to forget last year too. It's easy to do: