Friday, May 09, 2008

Closing Time

For those of you who continue to come here and wonder "Where is Ed", well, Ed started a new job in January, which has led to limited time to blog.

In addition to not having the time, I just don't have the drive to post anymore. I would either be killing the guys or praising them, just like the many other Mets centric blogs out there. Most of those are a heck of a lot better than this one.

As a result, I've decided to drain the BOG. It was fun while it lasted, and I thank everyone who stopped by to read my thoughts on the Mets, and to a lesser extent, the Jets and Islanders.

I'll be around on Metsgeek of course. And I still read Metstradmus, Toasted Joe and Faith & Fear among others.

Thanks again. And