Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bring Me the Shoe of Carlos Muniz

So I can Milbury him.

(For those who don't get this reference, Mike Milbury, while a player for the Bruins, was involved in an altercation in the stands at MSG. He beat a patron over the head with the dude's own shoe).

I want this guy off the team. Now. I know, he didn't cost them the game (Brian Schneider is apparently allergic to baseballs), but he is of no help to this team if he can't get through an inning. He is supposed to be the "long" man. Well, he ain't. He stinks. His run at the start of the year looked nice, but he is very hittable.

I would have preferred Willie Collazo last night. You know, the guy they called up because the pen was spent Saturday. Well, poor Willie is sitting on his ass out there. It's like last year, when Randolph wouldn't use him (or other young guys). If they don't think he can help, then why the hell is he here?

Of more immediate concern is John Maine's shoulder. He felt tightness prior to last night, which explains why Jerry was so quick to pull him in the 5th. One pitch too late alas (not blaming Jerry, just saying). Keep your fingers crossed that this is a minor thing. He will have an MRI in NY today.

The offense was dead last night. Jose did nothing, DW ditto. Tatis and Easley were the only guys who hit Nolasco, and nobody hit the Marlins pen. Everyone on the Marlins hit the Mets pen though. Joe Smith gave up a hard hit double to left, then a flipping baltimore chop up the middle driving in the tying run. It got worse from there, as Joe was removed for Sho, who showed again that he can't pitch to multiple righties. Looks like Jerry was reading from the book of Willie in the 8th.

It is one game, and the hope is that the boys follow the pattern and bounce back to win the next two. I think they will. I just hope the pen isn't overworked the next two games.

Friday, Pedro comes back, but will be limited to 80 pitches. Which means the pen is going to have to go long. Aaron, I hope you are ready baby. Methinks you might be the first arm out, so long as Jerry doesn't need you to do so today or tomorrow. Ollie tonight and Big Pelf tomorrow. Let's hope they continue their excellent runs. Even with the off day Thursday, I worry about the pen Friday with Pedro being so limited.



Monday, July 28, 2008

Isn't This a Lot More Fun?

Another series, another win. This time, the Cardinals were the victims. Another excellent outing by Pelfrey on Friday, a good comeback on Saturday (though a loss notnetheless) and a, should I say DOMINANT outing by Johan yesterday.

Let's start with Friday. Mike Pelfrey has been amazing. The turnaround from early this year, much less last season has been outstanding. The interesting thing to read was the response to a question about why he had stopped throwing his curveball, which was supposed to be an OK pitch when he was drafted. Peterson apparently told Big Pelf to stop throwing it after a side session where he threw 20 curves, and only hit the strike zone with one. So instead of working on it, he had Pelf scrap it for a slider, which he also had trouble with. I loved Petersen, but this is one of those things that makes Ed go hmmm. In any event, Warthen has him throwing it, as well as the slider, and it has enabled Pelf to mature before our very eyes. Another strong outing, 7 innings, 7 hits, 1 run and 5 k's. Nice. The bats supported him , beating up on Mitchell Boggs for the second time this year, though this time he only gave up 6 runs, not 10, so he's got that going for him at least. Delgado went yard, and Argenis Reyes hit his first major league home run. Only Beltran failed to get a hit.

Saturday, Brandon Knight got the call in place of Pedro (my condolences to the Martinez family on the passing of Pedro's dad). The first inning went poorly, as he got smacked around for 4 runs. But the boys came back, and even took a 5-4 lead on a Jose HR (no finger in the air this time, then again, this wasn't the Phillies). Alas, the pen leaked in the 6th, as Muniz (who I do not like), Pedro Dos (who is scaring me a bit) and Smith allowed the Cards to score 4 runs. Jerry over managed a tad to me, but what was done was done. In the bottom of the sixth, former Yankee Ron Villone came in for the Cards, allowed a walk to DW and then a bomb to Delgado, his second of the game. It stayed 8-7 until the bottom of the ninth, when Fernando Tatis hit a homer just over the glove of Rick Ankiel. The good vibes were flowing. The bats stayed silent after that though, as they blew several chances against the Card pen, who liked to walk guys with frequency. The pen was depleted, and Aaron Heilman was needed to go 3 innings, which led to an Albert Pujols bomb in the top of the 14th. Aaron had done well until then, so I can't kill him. He is not stretched out (to all who call for him to start, this is an example of why it cannot happen right away). So, resiliancy, but no win.

Yesterday, Johan was the man. Complete game, 1 run on 6 hits 1 walk and 6 k's. He saved the pen, which is good with the trip to Florida for 3 starting tonight. The bats kept the beat going, as Wright, Tatis and Castro hit homers. Tatis and Jose each had 2 doubles as well. Everybody had a hit, including Johan (who had 2).

There are a number of things that have led to the improved play. The starting pitching has been stellar. The pen for the most part has been good, but the resurgence of Carlos Delgado is the key IMNSHO. This guy was being killed by EVERYONE, including me. I say mea culpa, and I know many other bloggers and fans feel the same way. Though I am sure there are some who continue to think this is a fluke, and that he will come back to earth. He now has 67 RBI with 22 hr and an OPS of 840. His July 3's are flat out sick

386 avg, 480 obp, 771 slg, 1.251 OPS. 8 home runs, 21 rbi.

July still has 4 days left. Now, his July and September last year were good, but not close to this. August 2006 was the last time he hit like this. If he keeps it up, man, things are gonna continue to be fun in Queens.

The schedule over the next couple of weeks looks like this

7/28 - 7/30 - @ Marlins
8/1 - 8/3 - @ Astros
8/5 - 8/7 - Padres
8/8 - 8/10 - Marlins
8/11 - Pittsburgh (make up)
8/12 - 8/14 - @ Washington
8/15 - 8/18 - @ Pittsburgh
8/19 - 8/21 - Atlanta

This is a prime chance to put some distance between the Mets and Marlins. As for the Philth, well, let's not worry about them (though they do have the Marlins Cards, Pirates, Dodgers, Padres and Nats on the schedule). Take care of ourselves.



Thursday, July 24, 2008

Which Team Has Heart?

I'm sitting here watching this afternoon's game on the SNY Encore. I just saw Jayson Werth go yard. A month ago, I, and every other Met fan would have gone into panic mode, awaiting the inevitable Ollie implosion. Today, that did not happen. THAT, my friends, is a sign of a good team. That is the sign of a team that has basically said "Screw it, we're gonna win" before and during every game.

Oh, the Philth had their fun on Tuesday, smacking the bullpen around. The media had their fun questioning the Mets leadership, and talking about how the Philth just don't quit, and how they have such great leaders in Jimmy Rollins. The Philth had fun showboating at second base after a double (Rollins), and standing on home plate for 3 seconds after scoring (Victorino). The media, Philth and their phucking philth phans expected the Mets to roll over after that.

They were wrong.

Last night, Maine pitched well, and the Mets got a timely go-ahead 3 run homer from Jose, who trotted quickly around the bases, while raising his index finger in the air. Now, this act offended the Philth Phans, and their broadcasters, even Skip Bayless from ESPN (well, to be fair, Skip is kind of a moron). How dare Jose celebrate hitting a 3 run homer that broke a 3-3 tie. He should be classy like Rollins and Victorino. Oh, wait.

Let me tell you something. I am sick and damn tired of the media and opposing teams bitching about Jose, but overlooking, or even celebrating, the antics of other players. No one says boo about Victorino, who couldn't hold Jose's fucking jock, or Rollins, or Manny hi-fiving a fan DURING A PLAY for pete's sake. But Jose holds up a finger and it is like he murdered someone. STFU Skip Bayless, and the rest of the ESPN assholes, and Tom McCarthy and other out of town announcers.

As for the Phillies, don't some into our house and stand on home plate and mock Jose and the other Latin players and then turn around and bitch about Jose's trot. Oh, and Jimmy, next time, try to show up on time for the game. I think it is lovely how you drive yourself to the game while the rest off your teammates take the bus. I hope ESPN mentions this just once. That will probably be more than it will actually happen. Now, if a Met did that, it would be on "the crawl" for the next week, and would be the top story for every edition of SportsCenter. But since it is Jimmy, who ESPN loves nearly as much as Derek Jeter, nothing will be said. (side note, do you think ESPN suits would just cream themselves if Rollins was to somehow become a Yankee? Of course, he would have to play 2nd, since Jeter would not move for him.) The reigning MVP was benched today because he was late. Again, imagine if that was anyone on the Mets.

Today, Ollie pitched his ass off. Twelve k's, including Utley and Howard multiple times each. He went 7 2/3. He left with the Bases Loaded with Philth, and in came Aaron. I liked this move. Jerry showed Aaron he had faith in him in a tough spot against the Phils, a team that, well, Aaron doesn't exactly have a good track record against. Aaron got the last out. Mission Completed. Wags pitched a strong 9th, which was nice, especially given the quick turn around from last nights game.

The offensive hero today was Carlos Delgado, who drove in the winning run in the 8th with an 3 run opposite field double. I admit, I was down on Carlos, but the man has been on fire since June, and even hotter in July. So hot that he was moved back to cleanup last night and today. The bats overall were quiet against 85 year old Jamie Moyer, but at the end of the day, they won, and are in first alone by 1 game.

A team that had it's heart questioned showed it is strong.

The team that is supposed to be all heart has its leader show up late to the game today and get benched.

Has the tide turned? It's early still, but the signs are promising.



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tonight, the Rest of the Season Begins

Color me Captain Obvious. Of course the rest of the season begins. It begins every game. Anyhow...

Three against the Philth starting tonight. Johan, Maine and Ollie for the good guys. Blanton, Myers and Moyer for the Philth. After this, 5 games remain between the two teams. It is time for a statement from the Mets. Two of three is the minimum. A sweep would be beautiful.

After floundering for the better part of the first half of the season, the Mets have gotten on a roll. The Phils on the other hand did not take the opportunity to run away from the Mets or even the Marlins during a first couple of months where they played well. The Philth received good starting pitching for the most part, good hitting, and very good work from their pen. Of late however, the pen has started to leak, the hitting has slowed, and the starters, well, they just traded for 5-12 Joe Blanton, so that speaks for itself.

Myers is fresh off a rehab stint in the minors, after performing to the tune of a 3-9 5.84 era 1.56 WHIP. This after moving back to the rotation following the aquisition of Brad Lidge in the off season. Myers was supposed to solidify the Philth staff, but has failed to do so. We shall see if a stint in the minors has helped.

Moyer is 45 and is 9-6 with a 3.90 era and 1.36 WHIP. He is 1-1 vs the Mets this year, with a 3.83 ERA and 1.3 ish WHIP. He is positively Glavinesque at this point, he throws slop, which of course means the Mets struggle against him.

Tonight, Joe Blanton, the "innings eater" who has been linked to the Mets seemingly forever, makes his first start for the Philth. It will be interesting to see the approach the Mets hitters take. He is not overpowering. Shea may be a pitchers park, but it is no Oakland Coliseum, with its vast stretches of foul territory.

Last season, the Phils won the final 8 against the Mets. This year, the Mets own a 7-3 edge. Time to make that edge a bit larger. The Mets taking two of three will mean a 1 game lead. That's not enough. I want a 3 game lead for the Mets once the series is over. The Philth are having some internal troubles, Cholly is upset about situational hitting, Burrel is upset over being lifted late in games. Rollins may be playing hurt. Feast on them Mets. Beat them down. Take this opportunity by the throat and grab it. As PLD said in 2006 - Bury Them. Or at least throw a few shovel fulls of dirt on them.


Mets Worries

Well, Angel Pagan and Moises are done for the year. El Duque may be as well. Pedro has a groin issue. Castillo is still aching. Church is an unknown. Easley has leg pain, and Endy causes Mets fans pains when they watch him swing for the fences every at-bat. The walking wounded are increasing in numbers. I was already ruling out El Duque and Angel. I had hoped Alou could come back, but torn hammies are bad. Castillo could be back next week, or later, who knows. Same for Church. He was to be re-evaluated this week. Figure a couple of weeks for him once he is cleared to resume baseball activities.

And now Billy has pain in his upper back/arm/shoulder and went for an MRI. No word on if he is available for this series. Fine. The bats simply need to explode and win each game by 5. Let Billy have a few days of rest. I for one have concerns about Dirty or Heilman in the closer role, so lets not try them out, OK?



Friday, July 18, 2008

And the Winning Continues

"Holy hell, we're relevant again!"

Rickey Henderson

Yes we are Rickey. Yes we are indeed.

Win #10 in a row. Tied for first. What was once a 7.5 game deficit back on June 18 is now gone. Little Jerry looks smarter with each passing day. The air smells cleaner, flowers perk up. Life is good.

Even the news that El Duque had more foot pain, Angel Pagan left his rehab start with shoulder pain, and Pedro got a cortisone shot cannot wipe the smiles off the faces of Mets fans this morning. I dare to say that even a classic Wally Matthews Mets blasting column, or a Marty Noble mailbag of asshattery could not do so.

It wasn't pretty, not by a long shot. Johan gave up 5 in the 4th, erasing a 2-0 lead that Carlos Delgado provided with a homer that left the GAB. After the Mets took a 6-5 lead, Heilman loaded the bases with 2 outs, then Show proceeded to give up a bases clearing double to Valentin. It looked bleak, especially since SNY showed the following graphic:

Reds are 34-1 when leading after 7 innings

Not getting a warm fuzzy though I did hold out hope that the graphic jinx would work.

Francisco Cordero did have 4 blown saves entering the game, but had taken a loss only once. It was 8-6 going into the 9th, after the Mets went quietly in the 7th and 8th. Jose led off and struck out. A. Reyes followed with a single. DW followed with a wall scraper of a homer to the opposite field, tie ballgame. The wife was sleeping, so Ed simply raised his arms and left them like that as Beltran singled. Ed's arms got tired, so he put them down, only to raise them again as Easley singled, moving Beltran to third. Delgado followed with a single, 9-8 Mets, Easley moved to third. Fernando Tatis followed with a single, dring in Easley (3 rbi night for Tatis, as he also had a 2-run HR). Cordero was then pulled, and Bray got the last two outs.

Billy (thankfully) pitched a 1-2-3 9th, and it was over.

Now, I'm not gonna kill Santana for one bad start. What I do worry about is his inability to hold leads. This has happened a few times so far. I chalk last night up to the long layoff, especially cinsidering he only pitched 5 innings last time out due to a rain delay. I just hope that he can stop that habit. He has done better with giving up the long ball of late (though he gave up 2 in a row last night to Dunn and Encarnacion). I think many fans just expected him to be a shut down guy, and we are not seeing that consistently.

Three more against the Reds, then an off day Monday. Tuesday the Philth come to town for three games. Let's be a game or two up prior to that shall we?

One last thing, Joe Blanton? Really? Good luck with that Philly.



Monday, July 14, 2008


So the 18 game stretch comes to a close. The record 13-5. The 9 game winning streak of course made that all possible.

The bats have been great of course. Beltran hit another one out last night. Delgado too. Both Carlos' have heated up at the right time. Reyes got many props from the ESPN booth last night. Joe Morgan basically told everyone to leave Jose the hell alone. Thanks Joe. (Of course, this was followed by 5 minutes of slobbering all over Yankee Stadium and the Yanks, ugh).

But the story this week has to be the pitching. The pen has been awesome. Heilman, save for his outing in Philly has been great. Joe Smith has gotten the job done. They came in for Pedro Saturday and pitched 5 scoreless and hitless innings. The pen hasn't been scored on since Philly. Even Wagner has looked good. And the starters, oh my, the starters.

Tuesday - Pelfrey 7 shutout innings, 3 hits, no walks
Wednesday - Santana 5 shutout innings, 3 hits 3 walks (left due to rain, FU Joe and Evan)
Thursday - Maine 4 2/3 innings, 3 runs 3 hits.
Friday - Ollie 6 innings, 2 hits 1 run
Saturday - Pedro 5 innings 1 hit 3 walks no runs
Sunday - Pelfrey 8 shutout innings, 6 hits, no walks.

That's dominance people. I don't care how bad the Giants and Rockies are. Giving up 3 hits or fewer in 4 straight games, 4 shutouts in 6 games is pure domination.

Mike Pelfrey is on fire right now. Did he basically say "Fuck the Jacket, I'm gonna do what works for me"? Who knows. Whatever he did, he has won 6 straight starts, and has been increasingly dominant in doing so. Run support is nice, but it is also nice that he hasn't needed it his last 2 starts, heck, in his last 7 he has given up more than 1 run twice, 4 runs against the Yankees and 6 against the Angels. Last night, 6 of 24 outs where hit into the air. there were 14 groundball outs, and 4 k's. He got 3 double plays. Now, some might say, "well, if not for those, he might not have been as dominant". That misses the point. When he needed the big out, he got it.

We are seeing him start to reach the potential the Mets saw when they drafted him so high. Yes, it would be nice if he could get a consistent off-speed pitch, but you know what, his 4-seamer and 2-seamer are working now. He is sprinkling in curves and sliders to keep hitters honest. That is the mark of a smart pitcher.

We enter the break with our team 1/2 game out. The bats are clicking. The arms are throwing well. Church could be back next week. So may Pagan. It would be nice is Omar could get a LF, but if the guys keep playing like this, and Church really is healthy, then there is no need. Of course, that is a lot to count on, so I expect Omar will try to get someone for OF depth. Just so long as Fernando! and Niese are not touched in a trade, I will be happy.

On July 4th, the Mets were 5.5 back of the Phillies. Things turn quickly. We saw that last year.

Don't let up now.



Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Attention NY Media

You would think from the back pages today that the Yankees moved to within 1.5 games of first place. You would think that they got a dominating performance from a 24 year old pitcher who many had bashed as overrated. You would think that they were the team that has won 4 in a row. About the only thing the Yankees did that the Mets did last night was beat up on a heralded young pitcher.

Every paper had back-page main stories about the Yankees win over the Rays last night. Guess what though? The Yanks are still 7.5 games back, and 4.5 games behind in the Wild Card. They still have serious pitching issues, and they still have serious injury issues. Add to that the level of competition in the AL East, not to mention the WC, and they have a very tough road to travel.

Sal Marciano started off his sports report on the CW 11 last night with "Overrated? Let's see what Jeter did tonight." Wow, Derek got a "clutch" 2 run double. Of course, it came in the third inning. And he made a "patented" leap and throw to record an out at 2nd late in the game. I will admit the throw was nice, but since when did a 3rd inning hit become "clutch"? If that was clutch, then Beltran's 3-run homer in the 1st inning was as well right?

I am so sick and tired of the pro-Yankee slant in this town. Jeter was voted as most overrated by his PEERS. Yet the media circles the wagons around the golden child. Meanwhile, his stats are nothing special, and despite the play last night, his range at shortstop is mediocre at best. But the propaganda keeps coming.

/End Anti-NY Media rant

Meanwhile, much to the consternation of Chris "Screaming Ninny" Russo, the Mets smacked Tim Lincecum around last night to the tune of 4 runs, 9 hits, and 2 walks in 6 innings. Every ball seemed to be hit hard. Beltran took him deep in the first, Delgado in the 6th. Lincecum had given up all of 5 hr's this year. Poor Chris, his boy let him down.

Meanwhile, Mike Pelfrey continued to grow. Last night he went 7 scoreless, giving up 3 hits, with 5 k's and NO walks. He won his 5th consecutive start, and dominated. He was pumping fastballs, threw a few sliders that looked quite nice, and even unleashed a couple of curveballs (you know, that near plus pitch from college that Hardwood Floors had him junk). This was possibly his best outing of his career. Schoeneweis pitched a hitless 8th, and Joe Smith a hitless 9th.

The offense continues to click, 14 hits last night to go with 7 runs. Tatis also homered. Jose had his 4th straight multiple hit game (I wonder if Delcos thinks he needs to be benched, or if the loudmouths think he should still be traded?) Beltran (that softy) finished 3-4 with 4 rbi, Delgado had 2 hits. Argenis Reyes collected his first major league hit (congrats kid), and later scored, and got a loud ovation from the crowd, as well as a hug from Jose after Jose scored later in the inning.

The bad news? Ryan Church was put back on the DL. Is it a migraine? Is it PCS? Who knows. I'm not a doctor, then again, neither is the media, but they claim to know what is right. The Mets made a smart decision to DL him again. How long will he be out? We don't know. It could be he comes back after the 15 days. He could be out the rest of the year. The important thing is to let him rest. It saddens me, as I have (as many others have) seen too many careers of NY Sports stars cut short due to PCS. Al Toon. Wayne Chrebet. Pat LaFontaine. Brett Lindros. Eric Lindros. The brain is something doctors don;t have all the answers to. Some guys bounce back right away, others take longer. Hopefully Ryan is able to come back.

The one thing I do not want to see or hear is anyone saying "well, this makes the Milledge deal that much worse." We know this will happen. And it will still be bullshit. Nobody could have know this would happen. But there will still be those who hated the trade who will use this as a way to justify bashing Omar.

Tonight, Johan vs. Sanchez. Johan (and the Mets) have not won in his last 6 starts. A win tonight makes it a 5 game winning streak. The last time they won 5 in a row was April 14 - 19. Three against the Nationals, two against the Philth.

Lets make it 9 in a row going into the break. I'm greedy. But greed, for lack of a better word, is good.



Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Math and a Pulse Check

First, the "20 game stretch" should be 18. Ed was apparently using the new math. The pulse check is now 7-5, as the Mets took 3 of 4 from the Philth. It wasn't easy, and it sure wasn't pretty, but they got it done.

This series was key. We are in July now. A move needs to be made. A statement sent as it were. Well, taking 3 of 4 sends a message. The message is "don't get cocky Philth". What was once a 6.5 game lead for the Phils on June 15th, is now all of 2.5 games, and the Mets are only 2 back in the loss column.

A loss in game 1 had me on edge. Santana pitched well again, but Dirty lost the game. Saturday, Maine started and left with pain in his left elbow. Church left with dizziness. The Mets lost leads of 3-0 and 4-3, yet scored 3 in the 8th and 3 more in the 9th to win. A previously strong Philly bullpen was abused. JC Romero was victim #1, Flash Gordon was #2, and Rudy Seanez was #3. The Mets pounded out 14 hits, whilst the Philth got all of 4.

Sunday Beltran staked the Mets to a 2-0 lead, but Big Mouth Billy Bass blew it for Oliver Perez, allowing a 2-run shot to Jayson Werth. Perez pitched well for the 2nd straight start. Ollie went 7, allowing 4 hits, 2 walks with 6 k's and no runs. Dirty, Pedro Dos, Heilman all pitched 1/3 of an inning. Then BMBB did an Ollie impression and blew it. Ollie to his credit said nada about it. Schoeneweis pitched 2/3 scorelss, and Joe Smith pitched 2 1/3 scoreless to get the win, as Fernando Tatis hit a 2-run homer to nearly the same spot as Werth off Chad Durbin. Surprisingly, this team that lacks "fire" didn't cave after the Werth homer. (that's sarcasm folks.)

Last night, Pedro pitched well for 5 1/3. The bats finally beat the snot out of Adam Eaton, touching him for 8 runs on 10 hits in 2 2/3. Wright had a homer and a double. Delgado went 2-5 and looked good doing so. Easley is making us all forget Castillo, as he went 3-5. Only Brian Schneider failed to get a hit, as even Pedro got a single to drive in the 10th and eventual winning run.

It was 10-2 when Pedro left the game. Tony Armas relieved and gave up 3 in 1 1/3 innings. One of those runs should be charged to the umps, as they absolutely BLEW a call, giving Howard a homer when in reality it should have been a double as a fan reached out over the fence to touch a ball. Heilman struck out 4, but allowed a 2-run shot to Jenkins, making it 10-7 after 8.

In came Billy for the 9th. Victorino doubled. BMBB then walked Bruntlett (who had replaced Utley earlier). He then struck out Howard and got Burrell to fly out to left. Pedro Feliz followed with a seeing eye single up the middle that drove in two. The second scored when Beltran threw to 3rd, and Wright went for a snap tag and the ball got by him. Bad throw (should have gone to 2nd Carlos), and bad play by Wright (he should have worried about the ball, not the runner there). So now it is 10-9, and Jayson Werth was at the plate. I think Billy just wanted redemption, so he allowed a couple of hits. He got Werth to fly out to right.

So, not pretty, but you know what? Who cares. They went into Philly and won one game after blowing a lead in the 9th, another after blowing 2 leads, and then won last night. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how they did it. Just that they did.

San Fran tonight. Lincecum vs. Pelfrey. Lincecum is damn good. Should be a good game.



Oh, and before I go. Back when I took my hiatus, I heard from some Philth fans.

- anonymous

You kiss your mom/sister with that mouth? I particularly loved the "worthless bloggr". If I'm so worthless, why did you respond?

Congratulations on recognizing your mediocrity and pulling the plug on your blog. Your blog will not be missed and neither will your team as it fades into oblivion.
- I love the Phillies

Oh, I am mediocre, not argument there. I may not have been missed. But I did not fade into oblivion. And neither have the Mets.

Considering the Phils only won last year because of a stretch of extremely shitty baseball not seen since, well, April of 2007 by the Phils, the Phans would be wise to not count their chickens before they hatch.

"Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" - Doc on Metsgeek.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pulse Check

So, we are 6 games into the 20 game stretch. The record 3-3. My hope was that the Mets would go 14-6 during the stretch. Four against the Yanks (2-2), Four against the Cardinals (1-1 so far, 2 left), Four against the Philth, then 3 against the Giants and Rockies.

Very little in the way of wiggle room in order to hit the goal. They can only lose 1 game against the Philth, and one each against the Giants and Rockies. That of course assumes they win the next two against the Cards.

Speaking of the Cardinals, tonight, Pedro goes for the Mets, while the Cards send Joel Pineiro to the hill. Ugh. Pineiro is the type of guy who gives the Mets bats fits. See last year. Tomorrow, Pelfrey vs. Boggs, a rookie who the Mets have never faced. Of course.

Against the Phillies, the Mets will toss Santana, Maine, Ollie and Pedro. The Philly rotation is not yet set, as Hamels may pitch Thursday. Not sure what they are thinking, but we shall see.

Last night, Tony Armas jr. went 6, allowing 4 runs. By no means is he a "savior". He is what he is, a fill in guy. The double header last Friday caused the need, otherwise the Mets would have had to throw guys on short rest. He did what they mets needed, keeping them in the game. Luckily, the offense had one of its periodic games that makes you wonder WTF happens all the other games.

Seven runs, 14 hits. Endy had 2 hits, DW had 3, including a long home run. Church continued to rake, and even Delgado had 3 hits (2 doubles), while Castro (starting in place of Schneider) had 2 with 3 RBI's.

After Armas, Heilman, Pedro Dos (1 pitch, one batter retired), Dirty and Wags finished it up. Nice all around effort, both on the mound and at the plate.

Consistency is needed from the bats. They cannot afford to be up and down. It's nice to score runs in bunches, but not if the next game is flat. Hopefully, the return of Church (especially to the #5 spot) will help.

This weekend is HUGE. If the Mets can be 3 out going in, and can take 3, the lead will shrink. They can also possibly get into the Phillies heads. The Mets are 4-2 so far against the Phils. They need to improve on that and make some noise.

Injury Report

Moises Alou had 3 hits while playing left for St. Lucie last night. One hit was a home run. Jerry thinks he may be ready to come back this weekend. IF he does, and IF he is able to stay healthy, the lineup will be scary. Big If's right there of course. Remember though, Moises just flat out rakes. He is one of those pure hitters who can roll out of bed and go 2-5. His return will be a tremendous help.

El Duque is apparently throwing off a mound, has adjusted his delivery to alleviate stress on his foot, and could make a rehab start next week. Sure, when have we heard that before. Frankly, who does he replace, even if he is healthy? Pelfrey, who has improved? Ollie? Well, maybe Ollie, if Sunday was an aberration. I'm not holding my breath on either Duque or Moises. Though I think Moises is the better bet to come back. How long he will last is another question.