Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Too Soon

I'm not quite sure what to say.

I mean, they were 7.5 games back, and left for dead.

They come back and miss the playoffs by 1 game. Again.

Word leaks of an Omar extension.

Too many thoughts going through my head right now. I need to collect them.

I'll have a "Good Bye to Shea" post soon.

Then a season recap once I can put coherant thoughts on paper. I don't want to overreact like some of the twits in the media are (Wright needs a shrink, Jose needs to go, blah blah blah).

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nothing to Fear but the LOLpen itself

This is just getting silly. Dear Jerry, I like you man, but if you even THINK about bringing ShitScho in to face a righty, or Heilman in at all, I'm gonna lose it.

This theory that ShitScho can get out righties has been proven false more often than Ben Affleck has been proven to be a shitty actor. The dud CANNOT get out righties. CAN NOT! Please, for the love of all that is good and holy (and my blood pressure), resist the urge.

As for Aaron, he got a key out Saturday, but was back to crap yesterday. I like Aaron, I think he has talent, but for some reason, be it his knee, his confidence, or perhaps his lack of a contribution to the Notre Dame athletic department (thereby incurring the wrath of Jesus), the dude cannot get outs with regularity. He needs to be chained to the bench. He may only pitch in a game that is completely out of hand, like a 20-1 Mets lead, with 2 outs in the 9th. And even then, I want someone warming up and ready.

The bottom line is that there is no one in the pen who can get batters out from both sides of the plate. They are a bunch of specialists. The only guy who has is Parnell, but he has pitched all of 2 innings. Jerry, use him. Please.

We can go on and on about who would be the 4th starter in the playoffs, considering Pedro is no longer Pedro. But the fact of the matter is that if the LOLpen keeps this up, it won't matter, because the team will not make it.

Now, the simple fact that they are even in the race at this point is unbelievable. The team was 7 games out in June, and has played excellent baseball since then. We have seen Mike Pelfrey mature before our eyes (at what cost though, since he has blown through his innings limit). We have seen Wright continue to be Wright (though he has had some slumps at inopportune times). We've seen Beltran be Beltran. We've seen Delgado reborn.

Considering the litany of injuries the team has faced this year, it is shocking that they are in the mix. Of course, the talking morons at ESPN forget the list. Let's review


And that is just among the regulars. Pagan, Tatis, Easley have all missed time. Let me ask, what team has lost a 15 game winner, a closer, and a pitcher like Pedro for significant time and yet has led the WC with 7 games to go, and was 1 back in the loss column? I know expectations were high coming into the season, but it is like everyone forgets the truly poor first half the team had. Overlooked is how the Phillies failed to put away the Mets.

7 games. Three Teams enter, two teams leave. Mets, Phils and Brewers.

Now is the time for the starters to pitch into the 8th allowing 2 runs. Time for the pen to revert to June form. And for the bats to score 10 runs a game, just to be safe.

We've seen a lot of ups and downs this year. Now is the time for the fans to hold on. Remember what Tug said


We are Mets fans, this is the price we pay. Hang in there. Up the medication. Whatever you gotta do. If you are going to a game this week, SUPPORT the team. No booing. When alive with playoff fever, Shea Stadium is a 10th man. Bring it to life. WILL this team to victory. Do not allow Sunday to be the last game to be played at the ballpark.

Those at home, root for the team. Do not allow the negativity to overwhelm you. Be it on TV, radio, online, support the team. It's not easy. But it never has been.

After last year, good things are due to happen. Let them happen this week.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Sniffing Glue...

Better call the doc and get the blood pressure medication upped.

You know, I don't get that annoyed when we lose to the likes of the Marlins or Nationals. I just figure, "well, shit happens". But to lose 2 of 3 to the fucking Braves? To let Larry Jones win his last game at Shea? Sonuvabitch.

Johan goes 7 and pitches well, and the lolpen coughs it up on Saturday. Thankfully, Jonathan Niese showed a lot of improvement from his last start, shutting down the Braves over 8 (Um, Jerry, give the boy another start).

Yesterday, Ollie rebounds from a poor outing against the Nationals to leave with a 4-2 lead. And the lolpen once again craps the bed. I blame myself. I picked up Stokes and Ayala in a misguided attempt to make it to the finals in fantasy baseball. I jinxed them. (And of course, I drop Street for Stokes, the day he gets a Win, which would have tied me in Wins for the week, and I would have won and made the finals. Instead, I tie for the week and lose the tiebreaker, ERA. Dammit).

David tried to win this one himself, two more homers in a 4-5 day. Delgado went 3-5 but was not driven in . The lineup just dropped the damn ball. They had Campillo on the ropes, and let him out.

But I am not going to blame the lineup. They had a 2 run lead. Joe Smith bailed out Shit-Sho in the 8th. Then, Ayala thought he was a National again, giving up hits to Casey Kotchman and Kelly fraking Johnson, followed by a home run by Greg Norton, he of the 261 avg and 805 OPS. The rest was anticlimactic.

Meanwhile, the Brewers continue to choke on a sausage, dropping 4 to the Philth. Ned Yost is toast my friends.

The Philth are off today, and travel to Atlanta for 3 against the Braves, who they have owned this year (10-2 so far, with 6 left). I hope Larry shows up, along with the rest of them. Then the Philth have 3 at Florida, then return home for 3 against the Braves and 3 against the Nationals.

The Mets meanwhile travel to DC for 4 against the Nationals, then to Atlanta for 3. They wrap it up with 4 at Shea against the Cubs and 3 against the Marlins.

The lead is 1 (2 in the loss column). There are 14 games left. The mantra remains the same.


A sweep against the Nationals would be nice though.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How About that Grit?

Bad Ollie returns. The pen, in the form of Figgy and Knight, breaks the recent strong run by the relief corp. The Nats look primed to repeat last September. Except this year, Carlos Delgado doesn't suck.

The boys jumped out to a 2-0 lead, thanks to a 2 run double by Easley in the bottom of the second. Ollie gave it back in the top of the third, allowing Cristian Guzman to go yard.

In the bottom of the third, Church and Delgado (bomb #1) made it 5 - 2 Mets. Ollie gave it back, and Figgy allowed 2 inherited runners to score, and it was 7-5.

Bottom 4, Church drove in a run with a groundout. DW got a hit with RISP, and it was tied.

Top 5, Brandon Knight walked the leadoff guy, Willie Harris, allowed a single to Pete Orr, moving Harris to third, and Anderson (IPOR no more?) Hernandez drove in Harris with a ground out. 8-7 Nats.

Bottom 6, and Dos Carlos' said "Get on my back guys". Church singled. DW popped out. Beltran hit a nice deep shot to left center, and it was 9-8 Mets. Delgado followed with a bomb into the bullpen, and it was 10-8. That would be the final.

Kudos to Joe Smith, who went 1.2, Sho, who finished the 7th, Stokes for a hitless 8th, and Ayala, with a trouble free 9th. The key pen guys got it done. Unlike last year.

This is not 2007 anymore my friends. This team plays hard all 9. Delgado is locked in. Beltran is as well. DW shows signs of stirring. Reyes went 2-4, keeping up his season long strong showing (300 avg, 183 hits, 359 opb, 478 slg is damn good people.) The bit guys, Easley, Tatis, are contributing. Church seems to be good. The starting pitching, save for Ollie last night, has been solid for over a month. And the pen is doing it's job as well.

They came back multiple times last night. They've done it alot of late. Yet all I hear about is the Philth's grit and heart. Methinks the Mets have a ton of grit and heart as well. But we won't hear about it, since the Mets got Santana and were supposed to win. Never mind that Pedro missed time, and Church, and Alou, and now Wagner. That is all conveniently forgotten at ESPN and elsewhere. This team has overcome numerous injuries, slumps and Willie to be 2.5 games up. They were 7.5 games down June 13. That's quite a turnaround. They control their own destiny. How did team grit lose that lead?

Meanwhile, the Marlins hang on in Fla. to beat the Philth. The lead is 2.5, 3 in the loss column over the Philth.

This 12 game stretch for the Mets is key. Nats, Braves, Nats and Braves again before the Cubs come to town. An 8-4 record is a must.

For those watching the scoreboard, the Philth have Marlins, Brewers, Braves and Marlins again over the same stretch. It will be interesting to see how the Brewers do against Moyer and Hamels. They've owned lefties (those not on the Mets at least) this year.

Tonight, Pelfrey vs. Odalis Perez.



Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thanks Manny, Lastings et al

Last year, as we Mets fans know all too well, part of the problem was the Mets inability to beat the Washington Nationals in September. The Mets went 1-5 down the stretch. Meanwhile, the Philth went 4-3. That right there kids was the season.

This year, perhaps the worm has turned. The Nationals just took 2 of 3 from the Philth, while the Mets went to Milwaukee and swept the Wild Card leading Brewers. So the lead, which was 1, is now back to 3. Perhaps Manny is helping the Mets after hurting them last year? Maybe one of his buddies in the front office called and said, "how's about a little something for the effort?"

In any event, we enter the final 3 games of the season series with the Phillies with a chance to stretch the lead. At worst, they will be tied. At best, a 6 game lead with 19 games to play. I'm calling for the Mets to win 2. Sunday Night's game on ESPN should be a good one, Johan vs Hamels. Hamels will be pitching instead of Kyle Kendrick.

The series in Milwaukee was impressive on a number of levels, despite the protestations of Bruce Murray on SNY last night (the Mets are simply playing well now, Delgado could fall apart, blah blah blah. Dude must be angling for an ESPN gig.) The Brewers absolutely DESTROY lefties. They were 31-13 coming into the series against southpaws. The Mets started Johan, Niese and Ollie. Three wins. Johan held them to 2 runs over 6 innings, and one of those scored on a balk. Niese was, well, not good (butterflies in his first start, give him another against a weaker team next time, mmkay?) But the bats responded and won it in 10. Yesterday, they jumped all over Dave Bush in the first, scoring 6 (Welcome Back Ryan Church, and who the hell is it that has taken over Brian Schneider?). Ollie walked 5, but was able to maintain focus and pitch out of jams. The final, 9-2, and it wasn't even that close. As Jerry said, maybe the lefties in the Central aren't quite as good as the lefties in the East.

The team is firing on all cylinders right now. The starters have been great, 11-1 with a 3.25 ERA in the last 20 games. Beltran, Reyes, and Delgado have been amazing. Daniel Murphy is making a name for himself. David Wright is slumping a tad, but perhaps the off day today will jump start him. As for the LOLPEN (hat-tip to a Metsgeek poster for coming up with that one), well, it is unscored upon in the last 15 1/3 innings going back to Saturday. Nice work by the maligned pen. Of course, they need to continue this, as there is much in the way of bad memories among the faithful.

22 games left. The 3 in Philly, then 2 in Washington, 3 vs Atlanta, 4 in Washington, 3 in Atlanta, 4 vs the Cubs and the final 3 vs the Marlins, as we prepare for the final days of games at Shea. After last year, many are loathe to make predictions of a division title. Others are predicting that the Phils will still win it, as shown in this quote from a recent Jayson Stark Rumbling & Grumblings Philles taint licking column:

“One part of it, obviously, is the difference in bullpens,” one scout said. “But the other part of it is heart. I love the Phillies’ grit. And now that [Jimmy] Rollins is hitting again, they’re the team to beat again.”

I guess numerous comebacks in late innings for the Mets are not from grit. And where was that grit against the Nationals? As for bullpens, well, guess who blew the game last night for the Phillies?

Whereas a few months ago, we thought 9/28 would be the last game played there, now we have hope that the game will be the last Regular Season Game, with Playoff Games to follow.



Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tanned, Rested and Ready

After a week of rest and relaxation at the beach, Ed is back for the stretch drive. A few things to opine on.

1. Jimmy Rollins continues to bitch about the Mets celebrations. Note to Jimmy, worry a tad more about your own team and your travels. And Cody Ross needs to drink a tall glass of STFU as well. Next time Cody, move off the plate you little bitch.

2. Ned Yost and the Brewers bitch about official scoring. Melvin wants 2 writers to work with the official scorers to make calls. Writers who give us great results in MVP and CY Young votes determining hits/errors? That'll work. Little less whining, little more thinking about pulling CC from games where you lead 7-2.

3. ESPN continues to chirp about the Phillies grit. Grit means shit when you lose 7-4 to the Nats.

4. Writers writing about how the Mets played poorly against the Brewers. Of course, the fact that they have come from behind for their last 4 wins means nothing. If the Philth had done that, the raves about the Phillies "grit" would be non-stop.

5. I love the back and forth the NY papers have about the Yankees. Dead one day, alive the next. Guys, they are 7 back and have to pass 2 teams to sniff the WC. Sidney Ponson is a key member of the staff. Can we move on please?

6. Umpires need to move the fuck out of the way on plays at the plate.

7. Philly fans complained about Sheets leaving after 5 yesterday. I didn't hear any Mets fans bitching about Zambrano not starting on Sunday.

8. I send apologies to Carlos Delgado again. Dude is on fire.

9. Dear David Wright, please start getting more hits with RISP? kthksbye.

10. Dear Jerry Manuel. You have extra arms in the pen now. Please use them.

11. Aaron Heilman - throw fucking strikes.

12. Rest of Mets bullpen - throw fucking strikes.

13. Welcome back Ryan Church. Stay healthy.

14. Thank you Lastings Milledge. Do that today and tomorrow as well.

15. Why do I think if Obama had a 17 yr old daughter who was pregnant we would be hearing from the right about how the fact she is pregnant is due to liberals not believing in God? And that if only abstinence was taught she would not be pregnant?

16. If anyone other than Cliff Lee wins AL Cy Young, the voters need to be smacked. Hard.

Onto the Mets

Nice comeback yesterday. I like how this team is responding late. Two more against the Brewers, then home for 3 against the Philth. Let's take 1 more against the Brewers, then, sweep the Phillies. There is no better way to shut up the talking heads on ESPN than to beat on the Phillies. Last year will be the big story all month until the Mets make it something else. This is the week to start.

On the surface, the schedule after this week looks easy. But we thought the same last year. Of late though, the Mets have done well against the likes of the Nats, Braves and Marlins. Here is what is left

9/2 - 9/3 - @ Brewers (2)
9/4 - off day
9/5 - 9/7 - Philth (3)
9/9 - 9/10 - Nats (2)
9/11 - off day
9/12 - 9/14 - Braves (3)
9/15 - 9/18 - @ Nats (4)
9/19 - 9/21 - @ Braves (3)
9/22 - 9/25 - Cubs (4)
9/26 - 9/28 Marlins (3)

24 games left. Two game lead. 77-61 is the record. A long way from May and June.

Last year at this time the record was 76-60. Interesting no?

Of course, they played very well early last year, and slumped late. This year, so far the reverse has been true. On June 2, the record was 28-28, 4.5 games back. Since then, they have played .598 baseball.

Lets keep up the pace.