Monday, April 20, 2009


So Doc Gooden signed a wall at Citi. A nice little touch from a member of the 86 team.

Our ownership however finds this to be a disgraceful act of graffiti.

Sweet merciful Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

Now, I am in the minority in regards to the stadium looking like Ebbets Field. I could not care less. I even whole heartily support the Jackie Robinson Rotunda (which, btw, has been talked about since the stadium plans were unveiled. I ask why no one was bitching back then? Did we really think it would not be so large? enough bitching people).

I do think they fucked up not having a Mets Hall of Fame in place, or at least CONCRETE plans for one (they vaguely mentioned one for the future, but it sounded a lot like CYA).

Here though, we have a former Met great who, on a lark, signed a wall in a restaurant. A nice token. Jay Horowitz' response was sad. "Graffiti" he called it. And said it would be removed.

Guys, you are getting the snot kicked out of you by fans due to pricing, site lines and lack of a Mets feel. Doc gave you a PERFECT way to get back some goodwill. And you stepped on your dicks with golf shoes.

It's simple. Leave the signature the hell alone.
Then, get other former Met greats to sign the wall as well.
Even some of the present guys.

You will look better. Fans will be pleased.

Instead, you come off looking like a bunch of idiots.



Eli From Brooklyn said...

Ed in Westchester? Eli From Brooklyn here!

It's sad that they are making a wall for the signatures ONLY after they were forced to do something with all the pressure they were getting.

Sad, Sad, Sad.

Anonymous said...

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Rickey Henderson said...

Sad sad sad... One of our greats does something fun and management jumps all over him. Doing some sort of hall of Fame with cartoon drawings & signatures of famous Mets would be a great idea (kind of like the walls of the Palm).

Good to see you blogging again Ed. Rickey crafted something fun he thinks you'll enjoy:

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