Friday, June 29, 2007


We have a test in front of us fans. Eleven games in bandboxes. Now, the papers are making a big deal about how this might help our bats, and this may be true. However, there is a flip side, how will our pitching hold up in those same parks? Remember, we have a few fly ball pitchers on our staff.

It starts today at 1PM in Citizens Bank Park with the first game of a day-night DH against the Phillies. El Duque (pushed back due to the rainout last night) faces Chad Durbin. In the nightcap, John Maine faces Cole Hamels. I am not going to sit here and write about how much Durbin sucks. Given the offensive funk the Mets have been in of late, there is no guarantee that facing a POS will make any difference. The way things are going, they may win a 2-1 game in the opener with 4 hits, and then knock the crap out of Hamels in the evening.

In any event, to say the ballparks will help the bats while ignoring the impact of those same factors and their impact on our pitching is silly. Maine is a fly-ball pitcher. CBP is a bandbox. It is quite likely he could be taken deep a coupleof times. The same for El Duque if he isn't on his game. Tomorrow we put Sosa (another fly ball guy) up against James Happ, who ESPN has not information on. In other words, he could kill us. Saturday is also Metsgeek day at CBP as some 20+ commenters band together to see our beloved Metsies. I hope Fox gets wind of this somehow so we can see how they take over CBP. Sunday sees Perez face Kyle Kendrick, another new guy who has appeared in 3 games in his career, and is 2-0 with a 5.00 ERA and 1.28 WHIP.

So, given all these factors, I am not exactly giddy with excitement. We have a bandbox, and 3 unknown pitchers going against us. It would be nice to go in and take 3 of 4. I think it can be done, but I'm not seeing any blowouts.

Other News

PLD is starting to worry me a tad. It started with his lunatic act over the weekend. Since then he has been a little prickly with the media. Yesterday, after being asked again about whether he was dropping his appeal, he blew up at the press, saying they should drop the line of questioning. He then proceeded to complain about being one of the "go-to" guys for the media, and about how only 3 or 4 guys are spoken too. He then said the media should go to some of the spanish speaking players for comment.

Now, I don't know what PLD's issue is. He is a guy known for being a leader in each stop. Why is he saying this out loud? Why not pull the guys aside a ask them to speak up? Why air it out in the press. The only outcome is media types writing about it, and possible dissension in the room, in addition to bloggers like me. Then there are the fans who already have "concerns" about the makeup of the team. These people are gonna love this. There are those who do not like the Latin "tilt" to the room. I personally care only about having the best team on the field, no matter where a player is from.

So Paulie, you may not like being a go-to guy, but the fact is you have been one for your entire career. You are a leader. A leader doesn't air the dirty laundry in the press. I'm disappointed in you Paulie.


Well, I don't really have anything to report. Rumors abound about Ryan Smyth and whether Snow is going to sign him or trade him. Eklund over on reported yesterday intense talks were underway with lawyers involved. Then came a rumor he had been traded to Toronto, and that rumor was then pulled.

I am torn on Smyth. I would love for him to stay, but am worried about how much it will cost to entice him. This is not going to be a contending team next year. Blake is gone, as is Yashin, taking some 40+ goals with them. There is no #1 center on the roster. Odds are if Smyth stays, they may be able to get someone else, but if he is too expensive, will there be enough $ left? There is need for help on the blueline as well. Smyth is a character guy, not a big scorer. How much of an impact will he have without someone who can pot 15-40 goals onthe roster?

Rumors also abound that Michael Peca may return. Again, I am torn. I like his grit, but he is no longer a top line player, or even a #2 center. He might be a good fallback if Smyth leaves (either through a trade or FA). But the same scoring issues will remain.

Snow has his work cut out for him. This offseason will show whether he is in over his head or not.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ugly? Who Cares? It's a Win.

Well, it sure wasn't pretty last night. The bats were sleepy again. Two guys got picked off first. Joe Smith was a tad wild. Two errors by Pujols were not taken advantage of. But at the end of the night, the Mets went home with a big W. Not pretty, but it really doesn't matter.

That's four in a row for the good guys. Wins that is, in case you weren't sure. A lead that had dwindled to 1.5 games is now back to 3.5 over the Phillies this time. The Braves stand 4.5 back. The lead is the same it was on June 1. The only fly in the ointment is that the Phillies actually whittled their deficit down from 8.5 to 3.5 this month. But that's OK, since we have 4 against them this weekend. Time to bury them, just like last year.

Jorge Sosa pitched well last night, which was a nice sight since he had been blasted his last two outings. He went 6 innings, allowing 1 run with 2 walks and 5 K's. Joe Smith went 2/3, allowing a hit and two walks. Pedro Dos relieved Smith, turning Scott (Happy Trail) Spezio around to the right side (his good side), but Pedro got the out, leaving the bases juiced. Pedro pitched the 8th, and Wags pitched the 9th and 10th, allowing not hits with 3 K's. Heilman pitched the 11th, allowing a bloop hit and getting 2 K's. Aaron has turned it on of late. Time to anoint him the 8th inning guy. He got the win.

The bats totalled 3 hits. Delgado had a single. Carlos Gomez, after hitting a long fly ball to left that was foul, straightened it out 3 pitches later. It is not often that you see a long foul followed by a HR. Well, Gomez did it, and then, in the 11th, Shawn Green did the same thing. A long foul to right. Two pitches later, a CRUSHED homer off the scoreboard and jubilation in the stands and at home plate.

The streak is now at 4. Lets take at least 2 more from the Cardinals. Then, onto Philly, for a doubleheader on Friday and games Saturday and Sunday. Saturday there will be a large contingent from MetsGeek in the stands. That oughta be interesting. Alas, Ed is unable to attend.

In other news PLD was suspended 2 games for his tirade on Saturday. He has appealled, and is hoping it gets knocked down to 1 game. If not, I would guess he will sit out the two games Friday, or perhaps Thursday and the first game Friday, allowing the called up catcher to catch Mike Pelfrey, who is the probable starter for one of the games Friday. We shall see. Paulie needs to watch his temper. I'm all for fire, but he went way too far.

Pedro will throw another bullpen session today. If all goes well, he will start throwing BP probably next week. This bears watching. I'm cautiously optimistic about his return, but not getting my hopes up too high.

Alou will see the doctor again next Monday. Omar said that he is feeling better. Perhaps the shut-down has helped. His bat is important.

Finally, I have a new column coming today on FU. Take a look, it will probably be up this afternoon. It is about Delgado.

Over at FU, "The Coop" has a column about Alou. Nice read as always Coop.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Three Stooges

Wally Matthews (Newsday). Pete Abraham (The Journal News). Steve Phillips (ESPN). These my friends are the Three Stooges. Mets fans at times bemoan the lack of coverage our Mets get from the local media, and ESPN. These three show why that is not always a bad thing.

First, my old friend Wally. Several times last year Wally annoyed me. Whether it was writing a story extolling the virtues of Steve Trachsel while ripping an injured Pedro Martinez, or linking David Wright to PED's, or any number of other slights, Wally is consistent in his hatred of all things Met. Last week, Wally went 2 for 2. First, he wrote a hit piece on Beltran. Now, I know Carlos has been struggling, but Wally went above and beyond a mere story on that. He went on and on about how Carlos has done nothing in NY, and that he is the most overpaid Scott Boras client in NY. Of course, Wally brought up the final pitch in the NLCS. And of course he went on and on about 2005. One thing was missing, basically, the entire 2006 season. You know, the one where Carlos was an MVP candidate up until he caught his knee in the stupid ass fence in Houston. Later in the week, he wrote a piece of garbage about how the Mets don't compare favorably to the Twins. Now, I have a lot of respect for the Twins and what that organization has accomplished. They were as Wally wrote, doomed to be contracted at one point, and since then have done well. However, Wally used the piece as a chance to bash Omar and Petersen. Omar because he would not talk to Wally during the game, and Petersen because Rick doesn't like to tlak about the starting pitcher as part of one of his superstitions. Well, Wally doesn't like being told people don't want to talk to him, and bashed both parties for deciding to ignore him. I wonder if Wally realizes that part of the reason may be that he is always 100% anti-Met in any story he writes? Perhaps if he wasn't such an ass, members of the organization may talk to him.

Our second Stooge is Peter Abraham from the Journal News. He seems to be the guy in charge of the Sunday baseball section. Why else would he be able to bash the Mets in every little blurb he writes. Each week he does a little top ten teams piece (like a Power Ranking) and each week the blurb about the Mets is a negative, even when he ranks them high. Every other team gets props except for the Mets. Yesterday, Pete wrote a piece about why Mets fans hate Beltran. He had asked for feedback on Delcos' blog. Well, I don't think he got too much of a response, because he quoted feedback from one fan, as well as from Matt Cerrone at Metsblog. Now, I like Matt, and think he has a great blog. Many of the posters on his site though are extreme. So of course the piece talks about how Mets fans hate Beltran, one reason being his late attempt to join the Yanks. Now, most rational Mets fans realize this was Boras, not Carlos, but Abraham uses a handful of people to paint us in broad strokes. Personally, I could care less that Boras called the Yanks late. I like Beltran. Is he overpaid, sure, but most players are. The guy plays hurt. He did it in 2005 and took crap for it (the media leading the charge of course). He did so last year to an extent, and had a great year. So far this year, he has played with myriad injuries, and if not for others being hurt, he might have taken time off to get healthier. But he is playing through it. Yet, he gets no credit for this. And it annoys me to no end.

Finally, we get to our old idiot GM Steve Phillips, who now shows the ESPN audience that Wilpon has made mistakes, like hiring Steve. Every chance he gets he bashes the Mets. He picked them to finish third this year, behind the Braves and Phillies. So far, Steve has been wrong. Again. Yesterday on BBTN, Steve said the Mets fanbase is happy about the turmoil in the Braves clubhouse between Larry Jones and John Smoltz, since we don't think our team can beat the Braves. Steve, did you see last year's standings? The MEts won the division. The Braves, not so much as a sniff. So you see, we have beaten the Braves you pompous ass. Do yourself and the ESPN audience a favor and STFU. For someone who made myriad bad deals as Mets GM, and by the grace of God missed on a couple of others (like trading Reyes for Larkin, or Wright for Jose Cruz Jr.), you sure like to talk like you know what you are doing. Well, you don't.


Ah, so a three game winning streak, as part of a swep of an AL team. I like. I like very much. Friday was nice, a 9-1 win behind Glavine, who finally got # 296. Against a lefty. With Dos Carlos' and Green getting two hits each. A couple of 2-out RBI. Only 2 LOB. Tommy goes 8, and Aaron finishes up. Good all around.

Saturday, a nail biter. El Duque vs. Joe Blanton. El Duque was dominant for the most part, confusing the A's with his arsenal. The highlight was a curveball that hit about 50 mph on the gun, that had the batter looking like he could have swung twice and still had time for a 3rd swing. Sloppy defense tough, and it took a poor play by A's rightfielder Buck to allow the winning run to score in the bottom of the 9th. Castro led off with a double. Beltran was walked, and up strode Wright. David blooped one to right, which should have loaded the bases, but Buck made an awful try at a dive, allowing the ball to go past him, and allowing Castro to rumble home from 2nd. It wasn't pretty, but it worked. Willie noted after the game that it wasn't pretty and he wasn't happy. MLB is probably not happy after PLD went nutso after being ejected for arguing balls and strikes and then proceeding to pull a Pinella a litter the field with equipment. Paulie is probably looking at a few days off as a result. We shall see.

Then we had yesterday. Another win, and a blowout again at that. John Maine won his 8th game of the season, 7 innings, 5 hits, no walks (yeah) and only 2 ER. He lost focus at one point, but The Jacket righted him and he got through it. The bats were alive again. Reyes led off with a double and scored on the play after Buck made a Damon-esque throw from right. Maine drove in his first run in his career in the 2nd, and from there others chipped in , with Stache hitting a 3-run HR, Beltran (is he waking up?) and Easley driving in 2 each. Shawn Green played first as Delgado got a day off (he apparently asked for it). Carlos Gomez has 3 hits, including 2 infield hits. I'm happy to see him doing this, but I fear that once teams start to cheat a bit, he is going to struggle again. Long term, I like him, but once Endy, Milledge or Alou come back, he should go back to the minors. He needs to work on his swing, he looks overmatched frequently.

But today is not a day to worry about the Mets. It is a day to be happy. And to look forward to a 4 game set against the Cardinals. No Looper though, as he is on the DL. Too bad.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm Gonna Take a Short Break

I can't seem to hit anything, or throw anything, so I'm going to take a short break, probably a few days.
You know, kinda what Willie should do with a slumping player.
Rather than sit here and rail against everything, I'm gonna keep my trap shut.

I will have a new column on F.U. tomorrow.

And I will be over at Metsgeek.

But I'm hoping that my little exile here will help wake the Bats up.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Say it With Me







Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Call to Arms (and Bats)

Enough. That's it. Done. I refer to the losing streak. It ends Friday night. Playtime is over, it is time to get serious about winning this division.

I call on Perez, Glavine and El Duque to bring their A games. I call on Heilman to forget Yadier Molina. I call on Mota to forget he is no longer using steroids. I call on Joe Smith to think this is April. I call on Pedro Dos to continue as is. I call on Wagner to be his best. (I call on Willie to forget Sele and The Show exist).

Wright, you keep doing what you've been doing of late. I call on Reyes to drop a bunt Friday night each and every time at bat against Clemens. Whoever is in the 2 hole, get a single, drive Jose in. I call on Dos Carlos' to be the players that we all know they can be. I want doubles and home runs from both of you. 'Stache, pretend it is last year and get a couple of key hits. I want hits with RISP.

Willie, I know that you are not a screamer, I kinda like that. But even a calm guy needs to shake things up. Throw a fit. Break a water cooler with a bat. Smack The Show with a bat (actually, that will serve two purposes, use that one). Do something to let these guys know losing will no longer be tolerated. You are the defending NL East Champions. Now play like it. There is no good reason the Phillies or the Braves should be within 6 games of this team right now. The talent in the Mets locker room is better than both of those teams. Now show it.

The media is poised to proclaim the Mets dead. The bandwagon fans are ready to jump ship. I call on you to show them they are wrong. Slumps happen, I know. But they end. And the time to end this one is Friday night. Lets roll off a nice winning streak shall we? No better way to start than against the Yankees.


1. There is going to be a concert in memory of Princess Diana. Scheduled to perform are Elton John, Duran Duran, P Diddy and Kanye West. Yep, nothing says Lady Di like "Golddigger".

2. Jonathan Vilma is the latest NFL idiot player to support Michael Vick, somewhat equating dog-fighting to horseracing. Yea Vilma, dogs biting each other is a lot like horses running around in circles.

3. Jason Giambi is being threatened with suspension if he does not cooperate with MLB's steroid investigation. Big deal, it's not like he is playing now anyway.

4. A-Rod has been on fire since being caught going out with a woman who is not his wife. Hey Delgado, why not give it a shot?

5. Paris has been in and out of jail more than, oh, that one is just too easy. Much like Paris.
Thanks, I'll be here all week. Tip the waitresses and try the chicken.

6. Someone was fired from Grey's Anatomy. Make me care.

7. CBS is brining back Jericho after fans inundated their offices with peanuts. CBS is donating the nuts to food banks. Not the fans who took the time to send inthe nuts, the actual nuts.

8. The Islanders finally bought out the contract of Alexei Yashin. This means no more Carol Alt at Islander games. Hopefully, whoever they sign can bring along an upgrade in that area as well.

9. Tom Coughlin is asking that the Giants just shut up and play. Well, since Tiki is gone, he may get his wish.

10. Paris Hilton is claiming that she will no longer act stupid once her jail term is up. I'm sorry, there is no way she was acting that dumb. Have you seen her movies?

11. Mike Keenan is going to be coach of the Calgary Flames. Alas, he will not be GM, so other teams will not be able to trade a bag of pucks for a star goalie.

12. Pacman Jones' DNA has tested negative according to his attorney. For any trace of common sense.

13. The Soprano's ended the other night.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What's the Old Saying?

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? Well, that's where I am now. I have little nice to say, but I'm going to write anyway. Sorry.

The team flat out stinks right now. No one is hitting. They faced Kuo last night, a guy they beat in the NLCS, and a lefty, which the Mets have basically owned this year. So what happens? They get one run, and five hits (two by David Wright, the only guy really hitting consistently right now).

As for pitching, Maine had a god-awful 3rd inning, giving up back to back to back home runs to the bottom of the order, including the last one to Kuo. That's right, the damn pitcher. Joe Smith pitched 1.1 innings, allowing an inherited runner to score. The Show was used as he should be, as a LOOGY, and got the one out called for. Herr Midol finished it up, 1 inning, 1 hit, and a positive sign here, 2 strikeouts.

I don't have any answers. This is a stretch of crap we haven't seen since 2005. Big guns are doing nothing. Little guns are worse. Following a first of the season 3 game losing streak in getting swept by the Phillies, we have now lost 4 in a row after a win on Friday in Detroit. The tally is now eight losses in the last nine games. Utter crap. I feared this June schedule when it came out. Apparently, I was right to do so.

One more in L.A. tonight, then an off-day, then onto the Bronx, where the Yankees await. I hate to say it, but the Yanks have turned it on. They are hitting, as most smart fans knew they would at some point, there is too much talent there. Maybe that series is what the Mets need. Maybe they need to pressure of facing the cross-town team. They will undoubtedly go in as underdogs, given the respective recent play.

I hold out hope that they can get a win tonight. Brad Penny goes for the Dodgers. I am not going to list his career stats against the Mets. Suffice it to say, we usually do OK against him. The Mets throw Jorge Sosa. Perhaps he can be a stopper like last week. But until the bats wake up, it's going to be hard for anyone to stop the losing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nothing Today

I've got nothing. I saw the first inning, and went to sleep. I know it turned out bad. I know El Duque turned in his first stinker. I know they failed to hit with RISP. Alas, I know the Show did OK, which means Willie will keep bringing him in.

I will have a new column up over at F.U. later today. Take a look at it.

I should hopefully have something to write tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a happy re-cap. I'm getting sick of the un-happy ones.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lost Weekend

Well, the bats woke up at least. The pitching alas, caught the suckitude virus and crapped the bed Saturday and Sunday.

On the heels of Jorge Sosa seeing how bad the bullpen was last week and saying "Fuck it, I'm going 8" we had our two big guys, Perez and Glavine going Saturday and Sunday. Both sucked. There is no other way to put it. Ollie got hit early and often on Saturday, Glavine got smacked around yesterday. Face it, the Tigers are a damn good team. They can hit. They have good pitching. And they have a real DH. Injuries have left the Mets shorthanded, and it hurt this weekend when PLD had to DH, instead of perhaps Moises, or even Green. Thankfully, Green is due back possibly as early as tonight against the Dodgers.

The pen blew up this weekend as well. Yesterday, Sele and Smith got blown up, giving up 2 and 4 runs respectively. On Saturday, Mota was the culprit. About the only good news from Saturday was Heilman pitching 2 scoreless innings, allowing only 1 hit. He HAS to get back to form. Forget Molina, just pitch.

The other good news from the weekend was David Wright, who has now homered in 4 straight games, and has a little hitting streak going. You know things are bad when Ricky Ledee is starting in your outfield. Easley played yesterday, Stache is back. The lineup has clicked. Now, we need the pitching to get back to where it was.

Here are the matchups for the Dodgers series.

El Duque vs. Wolf

Maine vs. Kuo

Sosa vs. Penny

Wolf and Penny have had good years. Kuo, not so much. Grady, lefties don't scare the Mets this year. Thanks for that.

Don't panic fans. We went through a bad stretch like this last year, remember the Boston Series?

That being said, I want things fixed, starting tonight.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Cancel the F'in Show

I try. Real hard. I try not to be a fan who panics. I am an optimist at heart after all. I've lived through good (86, 88, 00) and bad (take your pick). This team is good. Good players all over the roster. Good manager, good GM. I should be happy. I get pissed when fans bash certain players (Beltran, Wright, Delgado) and hate booing of Met players. But I can't stand it no more. "The Show" needs to fucking go.

Look, all teams have their weak point, 1986 had Doug Sisk. The Show was signed to be more than a LOOGY, otherwise, why 3 years for sick money? I supported him this year. I have done it hear, at F.U., at Metsgeek. But I am done. If he is hurt,. why the hell is he pitching? Have we not learned from 2005 with Looper? How many games did that idiot cost us pitching with a messed up shoulder? Now we have The Show, who has stated "it feels like I am pitching on ice". Really? Then guess what motherfucker, go on the DL. You are NOT helping the team right now if your damn leg feels like it is going to fall off.

I am putting this on Willie and Omar. Put Scott on the DL right fucking now. I don't want to see #60 on the mound until his leg is either healed, or the Mets have a 15 game lead in the NL East. Anytime before then, don't wanna see him. He can't get out righties. He can't get out lefties. Willie, what the hell were you doing putting him in to face switch hitters, who would go up batting righty? WTF? The fans are turning on him, he is becoming Doug Sisk before our very eyes.

Now, Billy of course shares some blame for last night, since he gave up the HR to Patt (I SUCK) Burrell (he is hurting my fantasy team this year.) But the Show lost the damn game. Joe Smith may have allowed a couple of inherited guys to score, but this is on Show. On a night the Mets go back to back to back, and get a great outing from Maine, the pen coughs it up.

This shit needs to stop. I want a goddamn team meeting and some ass chewed out. The situational hitting has been for shit. The pen has been for shit. As I wrote yesterday, June is a tough month, it is time for this team to assert itself. Losing like this is not the way to do so.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Who Broke the Rabbits Foot?

Sanchez. Alou. Valentin. Green. Beltran. El Duque. Now Chavez. All have gone down to injury this season. Other players have missed time, Wright, Easley, Gomez. In the minors, Johnson, Milledge, Carp, among others, have gotten hurt. What the hell did we do to run into this buzzsaw?

I know all teams have to deal with injuries. Look in the Bronx for example. But this is bordering on ridiculous, if not there already. We are missing 2/3 of our outfield. Now, you can say that we should have expected Alou to get hurt, I agree with that sentiment, but Green? The guy has never been on the DL before this year. We call up Gomez, and he strains his leg. Then, Endy "strains" his hammy last night in a disheartening loss. I'm sorry, from the way he grabbed it, and the look on his face, I ain't expecting Endy back anytime soon. Alou tried to run yesterday, after having more fluid drained from his quad on Monday, and it was not good. He has no idea when he will be back. Valentin should be back tonight (keep your fingers crossed). Green on Sunday. But Beltran is going to have to fight his knee tendonitis for a while. Easley, the same thing (though the return of Stache helps this, as does the play of Gotay.)

With Milledge hurt (and still 4 weeks away apparently), now Endy, who is next to come up? Newhan is not a starter. I'm sorry, I try not to be one of those fans, but this guy sucks. He couldn't even get a damn bunt down last night. Yes, he doubled, but it was a flare. The guy is not good. Johnson has not shown much in limited action, though he does have decent minor league numbers. Can you say Ricky Ledee anyone? Cripes.

Of course, the injuries are not to blame for the present 3 game (that's right folks, only 3 games) losing streak. The blame there falls to the big bats. Beltran, Delgado and Wright have not gotten it done. Now, we could survive one of them slumping, but all 3 at once? No chance. They need to get going. Tonight. Cole Hamels is the opponent, and he is damn good. Maine goes for the Mets, and he needs to be as good, if not better, than Glavine and El Duque the past two nights. The bullpen has had a part in the recent streak, but it all gets back to the bats. Reyes needs to get on base, and the other guys need to drive him in. With Chavez out, it will be interesting to see who bats second the next couple of days. I'm guessing Stache, leaving PLD in the 6 spot to protect Wright (yes, I know protection is overrated, humor me, I'm in a bad way today). It would also be nice if some of the guys in the bottom of the order could get a couple of hits. I know Gomez, Johnson and Gotay are young, but they need to contribute. We've gotten great starts of late, with not so good bullpen. In the last seven games though, the lineup has been dead. They have scored 0, 4, 1, 7, 1, 2, 2 runs in each game, with two wins, the 4 and 7 run games. Something needs to be done about the lack of hitting.

The boys better take last night's loss as a wake up call. Inter-league is starting, and June in particular is a tough month. I know we are 3.5 games up, as we were last year on this date. But the team has not been hitting as well since the start of May really. Somebody needs to step up. Someone needs to carry this team. Enough messing around guys. Start hitting. I heard boos last night after Aaron gave up the homer to Rollins. I hated it, but I can sort of understand it. Use that as fuel. Show the fans that they were wrong to boo, and beat up on Hamels. Then do the same to the Tigers starting tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Forget the loss last night. Forget that Pedro Dos had a bad outing (it happens from time to time). Forget that the bats let Glavine down again. Yesterday was a good day for fans of teams that wear Orange and Blue.

For the Mets, Pedro Uno thew off a mound for the first time. Only 30 pitches. Nothing fast. No breaking stuff. But for the first time he tested his motion, and was happy with the result. He actually threw 5 more pitches than scheduled because he looked so free and easy. The plan now is, assuming he is OK today, for him to throw from the mound again Friday. Then, they will continue on a program of bullpen sessions, stretching him out. First, increase the # of pitches. Then, increase the speed. Then add some breaking balls. He is confident he will be back this year, and that he will be good as new. What a boost he will be to this team. His energy. His talent. I can't wait.

As happy as that news made me, I was happier this morning when I picked up my copy of Newsday (I'm a born and bred LI boy afterall) and saw this headline:

Isles Give Yashin $17.6M Buyout

I practically danced down 47th street on my way to the office. Wang finally woke up and listened to Nolan. The albatross is gone.

I was in favor of the trade when it was made. They needed at the time to make a splash, and they did. He wasn't what we expected given his 10 year contract, but he was a star. The problem was he never made players around him better. Star centers do that. Alexei did not. Peca left in part because of him. Smyth has apparently told confidants that he definitely would not return to the Island if Yashin was still there. So Wang cut the cord and coughed up the money. It will cost $2.2 million per year against the cap for 8 years, but that is a fuck of a lot better than $7 million per year for 4 years. It opens up room to sign Smyth (who will be Captain, assuming he re-signs). Or to make a run at Briere or Drury, or any number of Free Agents. The team will now be rebuilt. Blake is probably gone (no great loss IMNSHO). Odds are they will not make the playoffs this year, unless they can add a couple of guys who can score. But the cloud of Yashin is lfted. Oh Happy Day indeed.

Back to the Mets. A loss hurts. Pedro Dos had a bad outing. Smith was a little shaky. But The Show, Mota and Wags were good. Beltran ran with ease. And Alou, Green and Stache are coming. Don't despair Mets fans.

One last thing, That play by Ruiz on Delgado better get him hit today. I know the papers didn't note it, and no one cared during the game, but that little fucker tried to trip up Delgado after he crossed the plate. He moved his leg. He had time for the throw. I think once the Mets look at the tape they will see this. Oh, and David, next time, how about sliding a little early, or at least try to hit the guy. That was a bad slide that could have led to an injury.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


So Clemens has disrupted scar tissue in his groin, which pushed his start back. I'm thinking he pushed it back because the Yanks are looking worse than the Astros right now.

Lou Pinella was suspended 4 games for a tirade over the weekend. Poor Lou, stuck in Chicago. To think, he could have been Yankee manager.

Gary Sheffield, still an idiot.

Let me get this straight, it was bad for the media to write about A-Rod going out with another woman, but it was OK for the Post to write about Paul Lo Duca dating other girls, while in the midst of a divorce?

The Yankees are now 15 games behind. Repeat after Ed, they are DONE! Over. Kaput.

Pedro throws off a mound for the first time today. This makes Ed happy.

Prior to the season, I predicted 30 wins between Maine and Perez. That might be on the low side.

Fox during the Yankee game over the weekend talked about how off the field stuff should not be written about. OK, then why the fuck did you feel the need to talk about Latings Milledge and his rapping? Oh, that's right, because he's not a Yankee. Fuck You Joe Buck.

Eric Mangini guest starred on the Sopranos this past weekend. Next week, (Spoiler Alert!) Tony does him a favor and whacks Belichicken.

Dear ESPN, it might be a good idea to wait until Bonds is within 3 HR's of Aaron to give updates. Do we really need to see on every scroll that he is still 9 away from the record?

Chris Pronger, still a headhunter.

Ding Dong the witch is finally dead. Mike Milbury is no longer an employee of the Islanders. I wonder which franchise will be stupid enough to hire him. Too bad for him Wang doesn't have any relatives that own a team.

Joel Sherman might be off Derek Jeter's Christmas Card list after this gem from yesterday "...
and a range-challenged shortstop who is now having difficulties with routine plays." Shit Joel, anyone who does not drink the Jeter kool-aid has been saying that for years. Welcome to the club.

Note to Julio Franco. Please, ask Omar to hire you as a coach or something. I respect you, but we need a guy off the bench who can catch up to a fastball.

Francessa last week conceded the AL East. Of course, after the Yanks took 2 of 3 from the Red Sox, he is probably going to claim he never said that.

Note to the Red Sox, please, do not let Wakefield pitch against the Yankees anymore. He has sucked the last two times he faced them.

Does anyone realize the Yanks were 5.5 games out when Roger announced his return. They are now 15 games out. Poetic Justice.

That's all the rants for today.
Let's kick the snot out of the Phillies this week, shall we?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Depth is Good

Well, not too much can be said about this past weekend. Losing a series for only the 5th time this year is still a tough pill to swallow. But, at least the Braves lost yesterday, so the lead stays at 3.5 games. One thing the Mets have in their favor is depth, though at the moment, that is being stretched thin.

Now, I know other teams have been beset by numerous injuries. The key though is that those teams do not have the depth the Mets have. Take a look at the guys who have missed significant time this year who were on the roster on Opening Day:


You are talking about your starting second baseman, plus the entire outfield. Alou is apparently not coming back this week. Green is hopefully back against the Tigers as soon as he is eligible to be activated. Beltran claims he may be back tomorrow, but since he feels pain batting right handed, he may sit out against the lefty Moyer. Valentin is apparently close to coming back, as he will start his rehab game stint this week.

In their places, the Mets have played Endy, a top flight 4th outfielder, who would start on a hell of a lot of teams (though I still think he is best suited as a backup), Easley, who has had some key hits, Ben Johnson this past week has played a bit, and Carlos Gomez, a 22 year old kid who has looked lost at times at the plate, Gotay, who is starting to come around with the bat (sorry A-Hern, your not coming up till you learn how to hit). Not to mention the fact that Easley played left field one game, Julio Franco had to play 3rd Friday night in place of Wright, Newhan has played (I do not think he is good by the way). Add to all of that the fact that Delgado has not totally turned it on, and Wright has had his ups and downs, and you would think that they would be hard pressed to be in the running for the Wild Card, much less leading the NL East. Omar did a brilliant job for the most part constructing his bench. The only "weak" links would be Newhan and Franco. Franco has trouble catching up to a good fastball at this point. He is a great leader, but he is not someone who can be counted on in a key situation against a good pitcher. Newhan is someone who may not be counted on against pretty much anyone. I know, he has had a couple of good games, but he is not consistent enough for my tastes. Then again, if the biggest complaints I have are about a couple of spare parts, I should probably just shut up.

I'm not going to get all pissed about this weekend. They played totally short-handed, yet still took a game against an extremely hot team. Perez battled yesterday without his best stuff, and still only gave up 2 runs. Maine pitched well on Friday, allowing only 2 runs in 6 innings. Sosa was very good again on Saturday. The rotation is damn good. Now if we can get some of our bats back, and Delgado can get consistently hot, we can do some damage. June is a tough month schedule wise. Take a look

Phillies (3)
@ Detroit (3)
@ Dodgers (3)
off day 6/14
@ Yankees (3)
Twins (3)
off day 6/21
A's (3)
St. Louis (4)
@ Phillies (4)
@ Colorado (3)
@ Houston (4)

The next off day is the All-Star Break, starting July 9 after the Astros series. So they have over 2 weeks straight of games. The open the 2nd half with 4 at home against the Reds.

The back-ups are going to get their share of games in the coming month. Let's hope they are up to the task. And let's hope Green can come back hitting as he was, and that Alou can heal up. Maybe Milledge can be ready at some point if needed, assuming his foot injury has healed.

The good news, tomorrow Pedro throws from the mound in a bullpen session. I can't wait to hear how he looks. I would love to get him back in August. What a shot in the arm he will give the rotation at that point. What an embarrassment of riches. Glavine, El Duque, Perez, Maine, Sosa and Pedro. Wow.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Beat Goes On

So, after a dull game on Wednesday, back to work last night for the boys in Orange and Blue. El Duque took the hill, in his second start since his DL stay. In a continuation of the recent "let the other team score in the first inning" trend, El Duque gave up 2 runs in the first, on two hits. Then proceeded to shut the Giants down for the next 6 innings, allowing only a walk to Cain (in the third), who was quickly erased on a double play. The final line for El Duque:

7 IP, 2 hits, 2 earned runs, 1 walk, 3 k's.

Damn, he is good. I gotta admit, back in his Yankee days, I called him "El Fluque" mostly due to his injury issues. However, the guy was a winner. I was ecstatic when the Mets got him for a bag of balls last year, knowing his big game reputation. How different might things have been had he not gotten hurt? Perhaps Trachsel doesn't start against the Cardinals? All I know is this, the guy is a wonder. He changes speeds, arm angles, type of pitch, everything. When he is on, he is fantastic. Even when he doesn't have it, which is rare, he usually keeps the Mets in games. Another great trade by Omar.

The offense pounded out 10 hits last night against Matt Cain. Poor Russo, the Mets have now beaten both of his young arms this series. However, after scoring 4 runs over the first two innings, they couldn't push anything else across. Cain also got stronger as the game went on. He is quite impressive. The Giants have some good arms out there, too bad their lineup is for shit.

In the first, Reyes led off with a walk, stole second, moved to third on a grounder by Endy. Beltran reached on an infield single, scoring Reyes (but hurting his knee in the process, more on that in a bit). Beltran would score from first on a long double by Wright to left center. In the second, Easley doubled, Ben Johnson walked, and El Duque bunted them over. Reyes remembered he is an RBI Machine, and singled, scoring Easley, and moving Johnson to third. Endy followed with a bunt, scoring Johnson. Cain, Molina and Feliz all converged on the bunt. Cain fielded it, and shoveled it home, except Molina wasn't there. Another run scoring bunt single for Endy. Nice.

The bad news from last night, Beltran getting hurt in a collision at first with Rich Aurillia. It looked somewhat benign, but apparently his knee swelled a little. He said after the game that with some treatment it felt better. He wound up leaving after the first inning, Carlos Gomez replacing him in center. Beltran will have an MRI today, just to be safe. Given the Mets luck of late with outfielders, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. They can ill-afford to lose him.

The Diamondbacks visit Shea for 3 games starting tonight. Day games tomorrow and Sunday, which is nice. Have a nice weekend all. Let's Go Mets!