Monday, March 02, 2009

What, Me Worry? (Yes, I am worrying)

Is his elbow shot? Are we looking at Wagner redux?

Those are the questions that were flowing through what's left of my fragile little mind last week.

It started innocuosly enough with a report saying Johan would not pitch against Italy due to elbow tightness. The following was my post on Metsgeek

":readies noose:"

Because at the end of the day, if Johan misses significant time, we are royally screwed. No matter what the pen does, no matter if Wright pictures Francessa's face on every pitch and proceeds to hit .420 with a 1.259 OPS, if Johan is out, this team is done. You cannot miss your ace for a chunk of the season and expect to win. (see the team in the Bronx last year for proof).

Now, Ollie may very well turn a corner. Pelfrey may be able to build on last year. Maine may be able to bounce back from having a bone spur shaved. That's all well and good, but losing TBPIB is a killer.

Once again the team looks like fools. First he is getting an MRI in NY. Then he is not, because Johan felt good after throwing yesterday. (Was I the ONLY one having flashbacks to Billy last year when he blew the tendon throwing? :shivers). Then he says it was the accelerated throwing program Warthen has them on, while Warthen says it is because Johan rushed wanting to pitch in the WBC. I'll tell you this much, when your fortunes ride on an elbow, you DO NOT CHANGE HIS REGIMEN THAT HAS WORKED FOR HIS ENTIRE CAREER! LET HIM THROW AT HIS OWN DAMN PACE YOU NUMBSKULLS!

I feel better now.

Seriously though, once again, the ever changing story about an injury to a player makes the team look bad. Every hour it seems he is flying, or not flying, then maybe driving. It's laughable. here's the deal. Make a plan, then stick with it. If Altchek and others were coming to Fl. this week, then just come out and say it on Friday. Don't say on Saturday he's gonna fly to NY on Monday, then say Sunday he doesn't have to because of the snow, or becuase he feels good, or whatever BS reason is spouted (here's a tip, we knew Thursday a storm was coming this way, maybe watch the weather channel from time to time guys, ok?). Get the story right at the get go. The ever changing words make you look stupid, and cause fans like me to take tums by the case.

The good news is Johan felt good. The bad news, well, it's the Mets, given their history, he could have been BS'ing everyone and he may be on his way to see Dr. Andrews as we speak.

In other news, Mike Francessa is sad because Ryan Church and David Wright had the audacity to not appear on his show last week. If you recall, Mikey said that Ryan did not like playing in NY, and said that David sucks in the field and wilted under pressure. Mad Dog had also bashed David last year, claiming David told Delgado to not take a curtain call. Mike said they are both too sensitive. Who's too sensitive, the players who didn't go on the show, or the host who spent the better part of a day bitching about it. It's very funny considering Mike said he doesn't care about Church since Mike will be in NY longer than Ryan. If that's so, why do you care? As for David, apparently the two talked and made nice.

I for one wish the Mets would never appear on the show. All he does is blast the Mets. Why go on and let him act all nice, when you know damn well he's going to piss all over the team the second the segment is over. He made some comments last week about how there are too many guys who do not speak english well. Nice. I wish Omar would call Mike out on that crap.

Stay tuned for more on this. I'm sure Mike will milk this for a few more day.

And keep your fingers crossed that Johan is really healthy.