Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Change? What Change?

So, game 1 of the Jerry Manuel Era is in the books. A loss. Like you were surprised?

Look, you had Tatis and Chavez in the lineup. Jose lasted all of 1 at-bat before Jerry pulled him (we will get to that a bit later). They were facing Lackey, who certainly isn't one (He's got a 1.73 ERA for a reason). Add to that the turmoil of the day, and you had a recipe for a loss.

Before I get to other things, let's talk about Jose. Apparently, after singling to lead off the game (Positive Impact from Jerry no doubt!), he began to rub his leg. The crack medical staff and Jerry went out to check on him. Jose said he was OK. The trainers probably said the same. Jerry, relying on past experience with the training staff, (see Church, Ryan), pulled Jose quicker than Heilman blows a game (BURN!). Jose apparently did not like this, and let Jerry know it by throwing his helmet and pulling out his jersey. Now, there could be a few reasons for his reaction:

1. Jose was upset that he was hurt.
2. Jose wants to win, and knew that given the lineup out there, his being pulled wasn't going to help.
3. Jose is a petulant child who showed up his manager.

Of course, Gary Cohen opted for #3. Because those who get paid to do play-by-play know more. I'm getting a little sick and damn tired of the constant bullshit about Jose being a knucklehead. From Mike Celzic at MSNBC, to John Delcos, to countless others, this is the shit being fed to fans, and a good portion of the fanbase is eating it up, despite the fact it is shit. If David Wright did the same thing, they would all be praising his "hard nosed approach". Jose does it, and is a baby. Enough. He is back to nearly being where he was in 2006. Look at the stats guys. He's having a better year than the reigning MVP, Jimmy Rollins (who it should be noted, was pulled from a game for lack of hustle, though I didn't see ESPN talking about that too much).

End Jose Rant.

Now, as for the team, it is quite simple. These guys need to know that they cost a good man his job. Willie wasn't the best manager, but he was a good man, and their shitty play cost him. They need to now put up or shut up. If anyone had a problem with Willie, well, he is gone, as is your lame ass excuse. Lift up your skirts, show a little sack, and win some fucking ballgames. Delgado, dive for a ball more than once a month. Beltran, lets try upping that SLG%, shall we? DW, lets take a day off and get back to driving the ball. Wags, STFU and do your damn job.

6.5 games back with 3.5 months left is not a lot. There is a lot of talent there. Show it. Just win series.

Oh, one last thing, Tony Bernazard needs to be fired. Now. For him to tell players what Willie said about them in Front Office meetings is the lowest of the low. I could NOT care less (that's for you Dep) if Jose loves him, or Beltran does. If he undermined Willie, who's to say who won't undermine Jerry, or whoever manages the team next year.

OK, I lied, one more last thing - Bobby Valentine is not walking through that door fans. Put it out of your mind. He gets paid a fortune and is treated like a king in Japan. Why would he come back to the shitshow that is the NY Mets organization at this point? Unless they gave him GM and Managerial duties. Which would SUCK.


Rickey said...

Re: the Reyes thing--the dude's a gamer, he wants to play, end of story. Pardon him if he's playing for an underperforming and woefully mismanaged team and wants to kick things into high gear.

PS: Rickey's name is spelled with an 'e' at the end Ed! Rickey demmands proper alphabetical representation in the links section!

Anonymous said...

Yay for the return of The Cafe.

There is still a lot of resentment towards Reyes for The Collapse (tm) last year. Even though that was entirely about pitching (we scored more runs in September then we did in August). Reyes is also a high energy, high spirited guy. If you're a rugged catcher like LoDuca who is not overly talented but drains every ounce of talent out of your body, then you are looked at as fiery and competitive when you get angry. But with Reyes, since he is a phenomenal athlete, his high energy often gets looked at as athletic arrogance at best, and petulance at worst (I HATED Cohen's take on it as well).

We crush Delgado for not caring but then crush Reyes for not wanting to come out of the game. Now don't get me wrong, I think Reyes overreacted and showed up his manager a little bit, but it was in the heat of the moment, and after he cooled down he apologized for his actions. I thought Manuel handled the situation perfectly. He could have lost Jose there, but you can tell there is a respect level.

If anyone had a problem with Willie, well, he is gone, as is your lame ass excuse. Lift up your skirts, show a little sack, and win some fucking ballgames.

Amen. Just win games. Please. I've had enough of the drama.

Ed in Westchester said...

Ed apologizes to Rickey. Ed will make the necessary adjustment.

SNK said...

agreed on pretty much everything, ed. Especially Tony B - please let us close the door on that era! After all the bad PR he's gotten lately, maybe the Mets FO will respond by getting rid of... oh wait, the Mets don't know how to handle PR problems.

And thank you for setting the record straight on Bobby V. When did he become the team's savior?

Rickey said...

Rickey thanks you kind sir.