Monday, April 20, 2009


So Doc Gooden signed a wall at Citi. A nice little touch from a member of the 86 team.

Our ownership however finds this to be a disgraceful act of graffiti.

Sweet merciful Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

Now, I am in the minority in regards to the stadium looking like Ebbets Field. I could not care less. I even whole heartily support the Jackie Robinson Rotunda (which, btw, has been talked about since the stadium plans were unveiled. I ask why no one was bitching back then? Did we really think it would not be so large? enough bitching people).

I do think they fucked up not having a Mets Hall of Fame in place, or at least CONCRETE plans for one (they vaguely mentioned one for the future, but it sounded a lot like CYA).

Here though, we have a former Met great who, on a lark, signed a wall in a restaurant. A nice token. Jay Horowitz' response was sad. "Graffiti" he called it. And said it would be removed.

Guys, you are getting the snot kicked out of you by fans due to pricing, site lines and lack of a Mets feel. Doc gave you a PERFECT way to get back some goodwill. And you stepped on your dicks with golf shoes.

It's simple. Leave the signature the hell alone.
Then, get other former Met greats to sign the wall as well.
Even some of the present guys.

You will look better. Fans will be pleased.

Instead, you come off looking like a bunch of idiots.


Monday, April 06, 2009

Today, It Begins

The building of the roster is basically done.

The exhibition season, completed.

Today, the games begin for real.

Today, the quest for redemption starts. The quest to make this tool drink a big tall glass of STFU. And he can share it with a number of others.

Oh, I know, SI said the Mets were gonna win, so the jinx is on. Fuck that.

I know, there are holes on this team. I know, Ollie turns into "LOLLIE" too often (hat-tip to Danny at Metsgeek). I know Sheff is 40.

I also know that there are some you know, great players on this team.

I know, other teams "hate us". LIke I said a few months ago, lift up your skirts, show a little sack. Who cares if other team hate us? They hated the 86 team. So long as we win, THAT my friends is all that matters. Go into town, beat the team, drink all their beer and eat all their food (the last is your job Livan). If they hate, they hate.

Today, a new season begins. Time for us fans to forget last year. Shea is gone, as are some pinata's. A new stadium awaits us next week. Time for the players to forget last year too. It's easy to do:



Thursday, April 02, 2009

4 Days Left

4 days left as I type this. In 4 days, it's time for the Mets to put up or shut up.

Time for the additions to show they were worth it.

Time for some past disappointments who are back (I'm looking at you Luis) to show that last year was a fluke.

Time for Jose and David to continue to grow.

Time for Daniel Murphy to seize the opportunity and take advantage of it.

Time for Jerry to show what he can do over a full season.

And it's time for Mets fans to forget last year and the year before. Oh, I know it sucks. I understand the pain. But sweet jeebus folks, it's not like we haven't dealt with disappointment before.

How many of you are fans of this team? I am.

Or this one?

Or this one? I mean shit, they even had a GM who can give Steve Philips a run for his money in terms of being inept. I am.

Or this one, who went a LOOOOOOONG time between championships? (tee-hee)

We are stuck for now with certain truths:

1. Luis Castillo is going to play 2nd base for the Mets for the near future.
2. Livan Hernandez is going to be the 5th starter for the near future.
3. Marlon Anderson is on the team.

It sucks. I know. I've spent a lot of time bitching about it on Metsgeek. And others have done the same on that and other sites. But here's the thing, it just doesn't matter. No matter how much we bitch, it's not going to change anything. All it does is cause us more agita.

Being a fan is not easy. Even in the best of seasons, there are things that irk us (see Sisk, Doug in 1986). We cannot allow it to defeat us. It is not easy, especially when the media does its best to constantly remind us of the last two seasons. But we do a lot of damage to ourselves as well. Dwelling on the past , or worrying that it will repeat itself is simply not healthy.

Giving up on this team is not an option. There is too much talent there to do that. Oh, there are holes, I do not deny that, but for pete's sake, can we stop focusing on them? Can we focus instead on how we have 3 of the top everyday players in baseball, a top starting pitcher, two top closers? Can we realize that the pen has been improved? No longer do we need to see Show trot in from the pen? Or Heilman? Do we realize that we will not have that feeling of dread when Jerry walks out to the mound?

4 days folks. The season opens in Cincinatti. As I posted a few months ago, forget about what other teams and the media think. I want this team to go out and win. And win big. And I want us fans to stop worrying about if other teams are mad because Jose dares to show excitement. We root for a damn good baseball team that has had a couple of bad years. Get over it. Turn the page. It's a new season.

Lets Go Mets


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

T minus 6 Days

The start of the new season is less than a week away. This weekend, a couple of exhibition games will "open" Citifield. Then the Mets will go to Cincinnati for the opener (remember when the Reds ALWAYS had the official opener? Back before ESPN bought Bud?) and the Florida, before returning home for the official regular season Citifield Opener on April 13. I for one am excited for the season.

I've read elsewhere people saying that they are not hyped for the season. They don't think the team is appreciable better than last year. They bemoan moves made (Ollie for $12 m per) and not made (Lowe, Manny). I say pooh.

It's April folks. A new season is upon us. How can you not be excited to see Jose leadoff? To see him get on first and them await the inevitable break for 2nd? To see him leg out a triple in the gap?

Or how about seeing David Wright at the plate, doing all his little quirks and then driving the ball into that gap? How about seeing Delgado drive one deep? Or Beltran patrol center with the gracefulness of a gazelle? To see if Daniel Murphy is as good as he looked last year over the long term?

On the mound, how can you not be pumped to watch Johan? Every time I flip on SNY and they are showing game 161, I get chills. I can't wait to see him this year. I want to see Pelfrey continue to make THE LEAP, to see Ollie, as maddeningly inconsistent as he may be, hurl a gem. To see the Maine we all know from 2006. To see a pen that won't leak.

I know, all the projections say this guy is gonna do worse than last year, and Ollie isn't worth $12 million, WARP this and Verducci that, and the stadium is too small/cold/antiseptic/paid for by tax-payers. Forget all that stuff for a while.

Sit back and think about the smell of the grass, the sound of the ball popping into a mitt, the crack of the bat. Think about the feeling when you walk through the gate and see the field. Or think about hearing Gary, Keith and Ron on SNY or Howie and Wayne Hagin on WFAN. There's plenty of time to worry about the stats and projections. For now, just sit back and enjoy the game.

My first game in person this year will be April 27th. And I cannot wait to see the new park, and to watch my Mets.

Monday, March 23, 2009


After finishing 2nd in the Regular Season last year (3rd overall), Ed is back fantasizing.

Here is "Craptastic" for 2009:

C – Shoppach
1B – Morneau
SS – Rollins
3B – Garret Atkins
OF – Sizemore
OF – He who Loves Hugo Chavez
OF – Vernon Wells
Utility – Hawpe
RP – BJ Ryan
RP – Putz
SP – Halladay
SP – Lester
P – Nolasco
P – Verlander
P – Pelfrey

Adam Jones
Justin Upton
Cameron Maybin
Rickie Weeks
Rafael Perez (rp)

Yes folks, I drafted Rollins. Why? Well, he was the "best player onthe board". Of course, this puts me in the uncomfortable position of having to root for the bastard. Maybe I can trade him for someone else. There are a couple of Philly fans in the league.

I'm generally pleased with the team, though I need to find some "holds". I'm a little starter heavy right now.

Categories are:





Crossing my fingers and seeing what happens.

Monday, March 02, 2009

What, Me Worry? (Yes, I am worrying)

Is his elbow shot? Are we looking at Wagner redux?

Those are the questions that were flowing through what's left of my fragile little mind last week.

It started innocuosly enough with a report saying Johan would not pitch against Italy due to elbow tightness. The following was my post on Metsgeek

":readies noose:"

Because at the end of the day, if Johan misses significant time, we are royally screwed. No matter what the pen does, no matter if Wright pictures Francessa's face on every pitch and proceeds to hit .420 with a 1.259 OPS, if Johan is out, this team is done. You cannot miss your ace for a chunk of the season and expect to win. (see the team in the Bronx last year for proof).

Now, Ollie may very well turn a corner. Pelfrey may be able to build on last year. Maine may be able to bounce back from having a bone spur shaved. That's all well and good, but losing TBPIB is a killer.

Once again the team looks like fools. First he is getting an MRI in NY. Then he is not, because Johan felt good after throwing yesterday. (Was I the ONLY one having flashbacks to Billy last year when he blew the tendon throwing? :shivers). Then he says it was the accelerated throwing program Warthen has them on, while Warthen says it is because Johan rushed wanting to pitch in the WBC. I'll tell you this much, when your fortunes ride on an elbow, you DO NOT CHANGE HIS REGIMEN THAT HAS WORKED FOR HIS ENTIRE CAREER! LET HIM THROW AT HIS OWN DAMN PACE YOU NUMBSKULLS!

I feel better now.

Seriously though, once again, the ever changing story about an injury to a player makes the team look bad. Every hour it seems he is flying, or not flying, then maybe driving. It's laughable. here's the deal. Make a plan, then stick with it. If Altchek and others were coming to Fl. this week, then just come out and say it on Friday. Don't say on Saturday he's gonna fly to NY on Monday, then say Sunday he doesn't have to because of the snow, or becuase he feels good, or whatever BS reason is spouted (here's a tip, we knew Thursday a storm was coming this way, maybe watch the weather channel from time to time guys, ok?). Get the story right at the get go. The ever changing words make you look stupid, and cause fans like me to take tums by the case.

The good news is Johan felt good. The bad news, well, it's the Mets, given their history, he could have been BS'ing everyone and he may be on his way to see Dr. Andrews as we speak.

In other news, Mike Francessa is sad because Ryan Church and David Wright had the audacity to not appear on his show last week. If you recall, Mikey said that Ryan did not like playing in NY, and said that David sucks in the field and wilted under pressure. Mad Dog had also bashed David last year, claiming David told Delgado to not take a curtain call. Mike said they are both too sensitive. Who's too sensitive, the players who didn't go on the show, or the host who spent the better part of a day bitching about it. It's very funny considering Mike said he doesn't care about Church since Mike will be in NY longer than Ryan. If that's so, why do you care? As for David, apparently the two talked and made nice.

I for one wish the Mets would never appear on the show. All he does is blast the Mets. Why go on and let him act all nice, when you know damn well he's going to piss all over the team the second the segment is over. He made some comments last week about how there are too many guys who do not speak english well. Nice. I wish Omar would call Mike out on that crap.

Stay tuned for more on this. I'm sure Mike will milk this for a few more day.

And keep your fingers crossed that Johan is really healthy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring is in the Air (or is that something else?)

Two posts in 1 week!!

Intra-Squad games are done. The real exhibition season begins. Then of course, the WBC starts and fraks everything up.

I’m of two minds on the WBC. I kinda like the idea of getting the All-Stars from different countries together. It will bring attention to the sport we all love, and expose some lesser known players to a larger audience.

What I don’t like is what I am sure most don’t, the fact that players don’t have the time to practice and play with their own team. This is especially a concern with those players who are joining new organizations. A big part of ST is team building, getting to know your new teammates, as is getting in synch with the expectations of your manager and coaches. While a new manager in baseball is not going to install a new system like in other sports, there still needs to be the beginnings of a relationship. So the Mets missing JJ Putz and K-Rod for a few weeks, well, it kinda sucks.

In any event, the positive part is that the back-ups will get more reps. Fernando Martinez (F! folks, not F-Mart) will see a lot of time in the outfield. Tatis will probably play some third with DW being on Team USA. Other pitchers will get reps in the pen with K-Rod and Putz being away. So those guys will get a chance to show what they can do. It doesn’t mean they will make the team out of ST, but it could help them get a call-up later in the year, or perhaps increase their trade value.

In any event, I am getting more and more excited about the coming season. I am encouraged by reports that Luis Castillo appears to be in better shape and is showing some life in his step and bat. I still abhor the idea of him leading off though. I am concerned about Redding, though he is supposed to throw off a mound today or tomorrow. I am not concerned about Freddy Garcia yet. It is early folks, let’s wait and see. I think he could be a key player this year. If he is able to come close to his pre-injury numbers, the rotation will be significantly improved. And if Livan Hernandez is healthy, he is added depth in AAA (I’m not holding my breath on that one btw). I just think Jonathan Niese needs some more seasoning. I really hope he is not the #5. If he is, then a lot has gone wrong regarding Garcia, Redding and Livan. That will not be good.